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Improving Education System Worldwide

Educational innovators show that the world does not care about the knowledge possessed by a person. Rather, the communities across the globe care about the use of such knowledge gained by an individual. The UNESCO program Education for All works towards the Millennium development Goal to offer free and universal access to primary schooling across the globe.

Book and Glasses

Traditional educational systems rely on content mastery. This increases the wasted resources and the missed opportunities among students. Improving education system beyond traditional models helps in combining theoretical concepts with practical implementation. Therefore, translating education transcendence allows communities to empower students and people, resulting in higher academic standards and improved practical outcomes.

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Five Ways Education Can Get Better

The education sector will experience tremendous changes in the next five years. Changes will range from school lunches students interaction to how people access education.

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Education can get better if all stakeholders in the sector can work as a team. The school system can involve parents and community partners in efforts to transform institutions and quality of education. Students can greatly benefit if school curriculums would involve parents in school work. Notably, guardians are the first teachers that instill value and hard work in learners. Parents should actively participate in class work by guiding their children to finish their homework.  The partnership of schools with Community organizations can help students get exposed to their careers and gain experience through internships. 

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Living Digital: How to Make Money with Just a PC

In today’s digital age anyone with a computer can generate income for themselves, the internet is such a convenient tool that it gives you a means of communication to almost anyone, anywhere at any time. The internet also allows you to become an entrepreneur of sorts, giving you all the information and tools to start your own business. There are those that use this opportunity to create jobs for themselves and there are those who don’t rely on this as their main source of income but more on passive income. Here we have a collection of ways to make money with your computer:


A quick way to earn a bit of money is to dabble in freelance writing, this is also one of the more common ways people get started in the online business. It’s very simple all you need is a computer and a good internet connection and you can start earning today. There are many websites, blogs, even magazine companies who reach out to freelance writers for simple 500 word articles. The pros of being a freelance writer is that you hold your own time, if you submit before deadlines, and that you dictate the amount of workload to be done.

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What grooming tips are worth your attention

We’re bombarded with different grooming tips on the Internet, which sometimes contradict each other or sound ridiculous. In order to make your life easier, we’ve prepared grooming advice that actually works:

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  1. Pre-shaving routine

A thorough preparation is the main prerequisite of a clean and comfortable shave, so this grooming advice is of great importance. According to the best barbers in NYC, the best way to start your pre-shaving routine is to take the shower. Hot water opens your pores, softens the hairs, and ensures a smooth glide of your razor.

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Facebook Live

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform nowadays. Be it kids or adults, Facebook is used by all because of its user-friendly interface and ease of navigation. But when talking about Facebook what mostly comes to people’s mind is getting in touch with family or friends, especially those who live far away. But do you know it is also used by companies to generate a sale?

Facebook Live

How Companies Use Facebook to Generate Sales? 

Facebook has bridged the gap between buyers and sellers. Businesses, be it large or small, use Facebook to stay connected with their customers. It is their medium to advertise their products or services to a larger population. Rather than advertising their product on their official website, companies post ads on Facebook, because firstly adding advertisements and newsletters on Facebook is easy and secondly it will be seen by a large crowd. 

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